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All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

This weekend I participated in the official Mobile Developer Week.

All I got was this lousy T-shirt:

Official Salesforce Mobile Developer Week T-shirt Official Salesforce Mobile Developer Week T-shirt

OK I did get some good learning as Salesforce developers from Raleigh to Charlotte were introduced to Salesforce’s new mobile tools. We also hacked out a simple mobile-cloud app.

OK, so the shirt’s not that lousy — the shirt is American Apparel 100% cotton, with some spiffy multi-color screen-printed graphics — And I didn’t find a single louse on it. Plus, they gave us some pretty good chow from O. Henry Hotel‘s catering department.

But the key take-aways for me were meeting some very talented developers and learning more useful stuff about cloud & mobile… I’m grateful to SFDC and the organizers for putting on a very useful workshop.