edClock for Android™

This app is now available on Google Play™.

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edClock for Android™ is a simple, no-frills app that turns your Android (4.2+) device into a large clock.

The emphasis is on legibility and simplicity. Open the app, and an easy-to-read clock displays on your screen (and stays there).

Screen shot of edClock app
It’s just a clock!

You can’t mess this up. There are no options. You can’t make the font larger or smaller. You can’t change the orientation. You can’t change the colors. You can’t make the : between the hour and minutes blink.

Minimum Viable Product

What you can do is turn your tablet into a clock and put it on the wall where everyone can see it (for example, during a meeting).

The Competition

There are plenty of amazing clock apps in the app store with all kinds of bells and whistles. If you’re looking for frills, check them out.

If you just want to turn your phone or tablet into a clock, check out edClock for Android.

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