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Winning Hackcess to Justice (NC)

It was a pleasure to meet Raleigh attorney Caroline DiMaio this weekend and to advance her vision of an app to help inform migrant workers of their legal rights.

Our creation placed first out of five entries at the Raleigh edition of Hackcess to Justice, a hackathon presented by the ABA Journal and the N.C. Bar Association.  The competition was held at Campbell Law School and sponsored by Citrix ShareFile, Lawyers Mutual, and Poyner Spruill, LLP.

(It’s kind of a small world: I learned of this hackathon from Matthew Wilcut, a legal-aid attorney (and developer!) I met at a Startup Weekend competition in Greensboro a few years ago.)

Press Coverage

“App to aid migrant workers wins 3rd Hackcess to Justice hackathon” (ABA Journal)

“Code of law: ‘Hackathon’ gives birth to ideas for bridging the justice gap” (N.C. Lawyers’ Weekly) (Subscription Required)

Official Contest Site

Learn more about the competition, including the esteemed panel of judges, the judging criteria, and other entries at the official site:

Hackess to Justice (NC) on Devpost

(As a developer with a long history in and around the legal profession, I was impressed by each of the other entries – I could see any of them in production!)


We developed our entry using rapid prototyping techniques and the Bootstrap JavaScript/CSS framework.

Screencap of NC Farmworkers' App (Interactive Prototype)
Screencap of NC Farmworkers’ App (Interactive Prototype)

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Have I Found My Palette?

One day I’ll do a proper* post on how to pick a palette, but for now I just need to vent think outloud.

After several weeks of strategic napping careful thought, I think I have a palette for this portfolio site of mine.


Palette for eidc3, version 4
Palette for eidc3, version 4

So How Did This Palette Come About?

For giggles In order to align with the contemporary Zeitgest on color theory, I started by researching for this year’s cool colors. Inevitably, that lead me to the official Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald.

So Why Do I Give a Crap HootSuite Hoot About Pantone?

The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer. OK, so the folks at Team Pantone seem to know what they’re talking about.  According to them, “Emerald is the new black” or something like that… I’ll humor them by choosing Emerald — hex code #009872 — as the basis of my new palette. What next?

Kuler’s color tools have some interesting controls — It can generate an entire five-color*** theme from a base color.

Emerald Palette Analogous Rule
Emerald Palette Analogous Rule

OK this would be fantastic if my client were**** Sea World, but it’s not — it’s me.

I looked at some of the other Kuler defaults — Monochrome — all green….

Kuler Emerald Palette Mono
Kuler Emerald Palette Mono

… Triad***** — very interesting, but a bit too garish:

Kuler Emerald Palette Triad
Kuler Emerald Palette Triad

At this point it’s like mixing paints. The fuscia color was pretty interesting, but I thought it would be more powerful if I amped it up to make it brighter. I’m using it sparingly, like a spice — only for hovering over links & whatnot. Deepened the forest green… Also, I reduced the vomit factor on the ocre by greatly reducing the saturation. Finally, the brown was just too strong — I knocked the saturation, etc. down on it and — voila! — a new palette for eidc3******.

*Yeah, I speak in British-isms:

** I knew my five years of French language study would prove useful one day.

*** It’s implied that all my palettes have black and white included, so I guess that’s seven colors.

****I think a post on the subjunctive mood would send this blog over the top.

*****Not to be confused with the Piedmont Triad — Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem — of North Carolina.

****** “eidc3” means third version of the Edward Ingram Dot Com site, but you knew that, right?